Process of Yuzen - The making of a kimono

Now I understand why real kimonos are so expensive.

One of my kimono was made using Yuzen. I have it hanging on a wall because it is a work of art worthy of being adored.

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Ketään, jolla on PS1-peli 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue? Ostin itselleni oman, mut ei päästä eteenpäin lv 2 jälkeen. Kokeilin kaikkea, muistikortin kanssa ja ilman, eri tallennusslotteja, vanhoja ja uusia tallennuksia, ei toiminut. Ostin uuden kopion, varmuudeksi eri myyjältä ja tismalleen sama ongelma vastassa. En tajua mikä mättää ja olisinkin kysynyt, josko jollain olisi lainata omaansa sen verran, että saisin katsottua onko vika oikeasti levyissä vai koneissa. Kokeilin sekä PS1 että PS2 -konsoleilla. Ja kyllä, molemmat peleistä on PAL-versioita. Apua? Lapsuuteni paras peli, enkä voi pelata sitä.

Ainakin johonki maailmanaikaan noita sai ihan peruskaupoista :0 Ruusunmarjatee samalta on myös hyvä!

Tuota saa minun mielestä ihan perusruokakaupoista valikoimasta riippuen. S-ryhmän kaupat ainakin taitaa vielä tarjota tota lajia. :o

Thank you dears! <3 I’ll keep my eyes open the next time I go to the store. Or, you know, make my dad look because I can’t go outside. :C

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Peppermint tea. There is nothing better when you have a sore throat or feel otherwise sick. And well, whenever you don’t have a sore throat and feel just fine.The point in any case is: there is nothing better than this stuff and I am sorry for all the people who have never tasted this (specific) tea or don’t even like tea. This is so fresh, sweet and gentle that it’s not even possible. But it is. And the smell is just to die for.

Sad thing is though that I have no idea where this package have been bought (I got it as a gift) and I’m soon out of tea bags. Better investigate.

If you see me at a con:


  • Please say hi
  • Please introduce yourself
  • I want to meet you too
  • If you’d like a hug, just ask
  • Unless you’re in unsealed body paint
  • Photos are cool too.

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I’m quite happy with my jawline. I like the angular shape and the edge it gives me. But today I’m sick, have been a few days already, and what it has done to the other side of my jawline is disturbing for me and I don’t think this has ever happened to me before.


The lighting isn’t too great…

Went to see the doctor today and it seems like I have mononucleosis. No wonder I have critically swollen glands then. And this is a first time I have a disease which people can have only once in their lives. The doctor gave me a sick leave.

In any case, this is just fucked up because healing can take from weeks to even months. Why? Seriously, why is this happening now of all times, when I have school, theater work and cosplay competition to prepare for just around the corner and seriously, SERIOUSLY no time to even sit for a fucking minute?

I’m quite happy with my jawline. I like the angular shape and the edge it gives me. But today I’m sick, have been a few days already, and what it has done to the other side of my jawline is disturbing for me and I don’t think this has ever happened to me before.


The lighting isn’t too great to actually show this but in any case. On the left is the left side of my jawline in its (more or less) natural shape. On the right on the other hand is the right side of my face. In which I don’t have a jawline. My neck is so swollen it has quite efficiently made me lose a jawline. My left side is also a bit swollen so you cannot really see the true difference but oh well.

I’m sorry. I’m just really amused and a bit scared at the same time. I do have a doctor’s appointment first thing tomorrow morning, no worries.





Every single one of your actions suddenly becomes epic when you listen to this

I play this in my car while I’m driving.

I’m getting married and walking down the aisle to this song

I decided this a long time ago

Try petting the cats to this.

Ima just gon reblog this a seventh time okay

life is EPIC

Running to get the computer charger

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 Upcoming Korean MMO “Black Desert” shows incredible level of customization {x}

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Out of sea salt ice creamHayner|Olette|Photographer


Out of sea salt ice cream

Last night I saw a dream where I was sitting at the coffee table in my grandparents’ apartment with Benedict Cumberbatch. He was wearing his Sherlock costume and I was really interested in him (not romantically or fanatically) and asking many guestions about him. He looked mainly just really confused about the situation.

I take it that I should probably start watching Sherlock or something, especially now that I started using Netflix yesterday. I have actually seen Benedict in only one movie if my memory serves. Hopefully it doesn’t because that would be just sad.

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And now that all the costume designing things are done for the play and the shows have started my body decided to do the regulars. You know, the thing that happens when you have been pushing yourself to the limits for a long, long time and after the job is done the body feels that it’s okay to let the guard down and get sick. And next week I should start another power boost so I really don’t need this.



The ps1 one? It’s such an awesome game! And yeah, PS discs can do that, had that happen to my friend. I hope the new one works!

Yeah, the PS1 version exactly. It was hands down my favourite game when I was a child though I never owned it myself. I played it with my best friend and we voiced the puppies as we run around in the game. I was always Oddball and my friend was Domino. I also borrowed the game like 10 times from her. Last year or the year before that I had a massive nostalgia phase with games and wanted to play all the games that I used to play as a child and I finally bought 102 Dalmatians for myself. :>

I bought myself a nostalgia game from my childhood last year (I think it was last year?), 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue. I’ve been trying to play it from time to time but I always face the same problem over and over again: it doesn’t let me through the second level. When I finish it the game just brings me back to the start of it instead of continuing to the level 3. I’ve tried to play it with and without save card, with a new save and my 100% loaded save file. Nothing works. So today I just gave up and figured that the error is in the disk and bought myself a new one. I hope that one works. Because I’ve spent too much money on this game already and I really love it and this just makes me sad.